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Corporate Gifting Trends in 2019

Corporate Gifting Trends in 2019

01 Apr 2019/Bespoke/Corporate Gifts

You cannot overemphasize the importance of showing your corporate acquaintances that you value their association. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by gifting thoughtful corporate gifts.

However, there is some innovation in this space as corporate gifting trends are now designed to be functional to the receiver instead of being a wasteful investment. Not only that; they are also customized to share the value of a company’s brand.

So, when you give out customized corporate gifts, it becomes a reminder of your brand, and this can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Below some corporate gifting trends in 2019 which you can purchase from a gifting agency to promote your business brand and at the same time appreciate your clients, employees, investors, and partners.

  1. Credit card pen drive

This storage device is a trending corporate gift in 2019.  It is widely accepted because most activities nowadays are data-driven. Besides, this tech gadget is cool and handy for everyone. It is as common as using a pen and depending on your receiver; you can choose a minimally designed or beautiful artistic pen drive to create a message for your brand. Again, the credit card build of this device makes it easy to store in a sleek pocket. So it can be used in a corporate setting and carried everywhere.

  1. Face Care Gift Set

The Face care box is one of the most appreciated corporate gifts for men in 2019 due to its ayurvedic constituents. It comes with a Himalayan Deodar Face cleanser made from natural ingredients that leave the skin feeling and perfectly cleansed and hydrated. It also comes with a Pure Vetiver Water Moisturizer that keeps the face refreshed. Your clients will love this corporate gift choice because it comes in travel-friendly bottles which you can easily pack for vacation or holiday.

  1. Green Tea Bag

You might have observed that there is an increasing consciousness for general wellbeing. So, gifting herbal teas is a great gift idea for your clients and employees. It clearly shows that you care about their health. Besides, this tea is widely considered to be very beneficial for weight loss. So you can join the trend in 2019 and get this corporate gift that comes in varied tin containers.

  1. Plantable Seed Pen

This eco-friendly pen is a trending choice for corporate gifting in 2019. It comes in a box of 8 pens, and many companies are now using it to promote their brand and appreciate their clients and employees. The gifting agencies make this corporate gift from biodegradable, recycled paper, and it comes with seeds that you can plant in the soil. This novel concept is widely appreciated, and your clients or acquaintance will love to own one.

So you see, corporate gifting has evolved, and they are now customized thoughtfully to be functional to the receiver. You can consult a corporate agency and purchase corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients as well as promote your business brand.

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